I joined the Marines when I was 22; my hometown was Beloit, Wisconsin.   Before I was 23, I was in E Company, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, attached to the 2nd Marine Division.  That’s “Easy” Company, and nothing came easy for “Easy” Company on Betio!
I’m not sure what transport brought me from to Tarawa, but I definitely remember the last few hours before going ashore as a time when I was playing cards, praying and relaxing.    The objective for my unit, like that of other units, was clear and simple:  TAKE THE ISLAND!  By God we did that!
I was in the 1st Wave with about 20 to 25 of my buddies, and I was in combat there for about 20 hours when I was wounded and subsequently evacuated to a ship.  
That got me the Purple Heart, but I was patched up and was able to get back with my unit in time for the campaigns at Saipan and Tinian.  Before Tarawa, I had also been at Tulagi and Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands.  
I’m now 90 years old, and I’m proud to be a Marine.  Semper Fi !
Barney, thank you for your service to our country.  We will always be grateful.
Received 04 November 2010
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